Sophie-Marie Ertelt (GER)

527723_421051937944235_2089499123_nEshed’s style and coaching content is His patience, new focus/ plan everyday for the work on the water , ability to analyze problems in terms of speed/ boat handling etc and find a quick fix for them, smart exercises, straight forwarded style of coaching, Eshed shows dedication to the sailors not just on the water, giving me the feeling that u want to bring a change to my sailing .

Rebecca Abelson (CAN)

14224720_10157738362750112_7893476835203185887_nEshed is a very Motivational coach. Works on all aspects of
sailing, not only the sailing part but the mental and the fitness components as well. He is Always willing to stay out longer if you need extra help with something. always willing to go sailing

Ari Niemensivu (FIN)

28795263_10216172469450153_4115649018099586229_nEshed have a really detailed way of coaching, he doesn’t leave anything unclear and always explains the whole thing to its roots.
I really enjoyed the relaxed but still very professional and effective schedule of the training.I really like Eshed’s attitude in life and sailing and total dedication to his sailors. His cool-hipped but efficient rhythm and coaching.

Laura Baldwin (GBR)

14317394_10157469722325553_1624035945714879202_nEshed made a difference to my sailing from day one, by day two I was leading the Holland Regatta! and kept on leading until the final day, As a coach Eshed’s character is excellent for getting the best out of his athletes. His training sessions are productive, varied and fun and his wealth of knowledge and ability to communicate is impressive.

Marc De-Haas (RBSF)

Belgian-sailing-met-tekstEshed is a passionate coach regarding the level he works with, which is rare. Youth, beginners or top level sailor, he adopts and gives what he feels is needed for the stage the sailor is in. He will be fully committed and will try to get the best out of you.

Gyan Correa (RBYC)

RBYCCREST1Eshed brings to coaching a most amazing level of commitment and energy. His style is highly personalized, and calibrated to suit the individual temperament of the young sailors I have seen him interact with.


Pete Conway (YAI India)

EsPetehed is a dynamo who places a great emphasis on achieving process goals. He is a good observer, a good analyst and a great planner of programs. He is a popular addition to any program that he has worked with.