My sailing coaching journey began at 2003, since then I have developed a methodical systematic coaching method while allowing a very special and relaxed environment during training, I am offering several services:

Squad coaching

Many squads either they be club or national engage in squad coaching which allows the sailors to improve their skills within their group, there are many benefits for squad coaching such as the team learning and creating a knowledge pool within the team that remains with them and allows them to discuss further in future training or racing. Support of other team members, cost effective as the expenses of coaching are divided between many sailors.

I am available for squad coaching in any class, anywhere in the world


Personal coaching

Many sailors are seeking dedicated personal coaching either 1 on 1 or in very small groups, this allows a very fast technical or tactical improvement over a short period of time and may boost a sailors performance by a great factor.

I have been involved in many such dedicated coaching and available to run them at various locations around the world


Regatta coaching

A coaches support at a regatta is perceived many time as a costly deal but the reality is that a good coach will improve your overall performance and allow you to learn and focus during both your preparation and target regattas . On the other hand a bad coach might invent mental blocks that doesn’t exist or provide the wrong meteo information during the event.

I have been lucky to be very successful with my regatta coaching with many medals won by my sailors at continental, worlds, youth and Asian games.

I am available for regatta coaching on demand


Campaign management

A good coach is also a good manager and in order for a sailor or a sailing team to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals a good planning is required, Over the years I have developed the tools to allow sailors to make better use of their time and budget and be time efficient during their preparation or campaign either it be youth or Olympic level

As a part of my services I provide campaign management consultation that is supplementary to my coaching and will enhance your achievements

Fitness guidance

Fitness is a big part of sailing and in today’s sailing to reach the top requires very good fitness and core stability, every class, every sailor and every role have different physical needs, I have vast knowledge and experience in fitness and injury prevention and provide it as a part of my other services